SOMEDAY - A collection of photographs

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Photographs Information

  • PRICE : USD $ 75
  • SIZE : 210 X 330mm
  • PAGE : 160


  • Postcard sets, Bookmarks, and Making DVDs (화보집, 엽서세트, 북마크, 메이킹 DVD)

Configuration may vary in some cases
화보 구성품들은 일부 변경 될 수도 있습니다.

Sales Schedule

  • Pre-sales Date : 26 March 2020 (Thu) ~ May 14, 2020 (Thu) June 19, 2020 (Fri)
    2020년 3월 26일(목)~2020년 5월 14일(목) 2020년 6월 19일(금)
  • Photo book release date : During June 2020 (2020년 6월 중) During July 2020 (2020년 7월 중)

Detailed schedule will be announced later
발매 및 배송에 대한 자세한 일정은 추후 공지 예정

Release Event

  • Signing event will be held through a raffle for 1,000 photo book buyers.
    발매 기념 이벤트: 화보집 구매자분들 중 1,000분을 대상으로 추첨을 통하여 사인회 개최
  • Date of event: June 2020 July 2020 (*Detailed schedule will be announced later)
    이벤트 일시: 2020년 6월 중 2020년 7월 중 (*자세한 일정은 추후 공지)

We'll mail you an autographed copy if you can't participate in the event. Customer will be charged for shipping and handling
サイン会に参加できなかった方にはサインした写真集を郵便で 発送させて頂きます。配送費は本人負担
사인회에 참여하지 못하는 분께는 사인본을 우편으로 발송해 드립니다.(배송비 본인 부담)

SOMEDAY - A collection of photographs

  • 'Waiting', the flower term of the sunflower symbolizing Park Yu Chun.
  • There are various 'waiting' in the world.
    Someday waiting for someone you love can be a joy,
    and someone can feel yearning at someday.
    Many emotions and feelings coexist in the world 'Waiting'.
    The Photobook 《Someday》captures vaious emotions contained in the word "Waiting" in Park Yu Chun's unique style.
  • 《SOMEDAY》, a photo book by Park Yu Chun, has been published in Korea, Southeast Asia, South America, and other parts of the world.
    Feel his charm through a 160-page color photo shoot, short letters written by Park Yu Chun himself.

SOMEDAY - A collection of photographs

  • パク・ユチョンを象徴しているひまわり。ひまわりの花言葉'待つ'。
  • 世の中はいろいろな種類の'待つ'がある。 愛する人を待っているある日(SOMEDAY)は 気持ち良い楽しみがなれるし、
    また、誰かにとってある日(SOMEDAY)は、胸が痛いし、切ない気持ちができることもある。 このように'待つ'という言葉の中にはさまざまな感情とこころが共存する。
  • 写真集《SOMEDAY》は'待つ'という単語の中に盛り込まれた様々な感情をパク・ユチョン、特有の感じと解釈して描いた。
  • 韓国をはじめ、東南アジア、南米など世界各地で撮影したパク・ユチョンの写真集《SOMEDAY》発刊。