Golden Child - Mini album Vol.5 [YES.]

Golden Child - Mini album Vol.5 [YES.]

[Special Benefit] Photo Card & Key ring

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 - Goldenchild Album Team (Twitter @GoldenChild_alb) Benefit : A photo card set - 10p [ per purchased member ID ]

 - A piece of acrylic key ring [ per member who buy more than 4 piece of album]

 - Ticketbay's exclusive privilege! [Advertising support] Advertisements are provided free of charge according to the number of album joint purchases


※ This album is randomly shipped out of a total of 10 types, version selection or change is absolutely impossible.

  - Please note that it could be sent the same version although you purchase more than two.

  - The versions for each album cannot be checked outside when the product is released, so it is impossible to check in advance at TICKETBAY and the delivery company.

  - You can check the version of each album only after opening the product.



※ The outer case is just for protecting goods.

  - scratches and discoloration on the case can not be the reason for exchanging or returning.


*sales period : 12th Jan. ~ 25th Jan.



[ details ]

 - Envelope : 180*250mm / 1ea

 - Booklet & CD-R : 150*220*4.5 mm / 52P / Random 1p out of 10p (The image of the two versions are different.)

 - Photo Card : 54*86mm / Random 1p out of 50p

 - Folded Poster : 296*436mm / Random 1p out of 10p (the same version as the booklet)

 - Fabric Tag : 90*50mm / Random 1p out of 10p (the same version as the booklet)

 - Special Photo Set (For the First press only) : 120*170mm / Random 1p out of 10p (sold out)

 - Poster (For the First press only) : 610*440 / Random 1p out of 2p (sold out)

 ※ Special Photo Set and Poster for the first press only is out of stock !






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Golden Child - Mini album Vol.5 [YES.]

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